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The Door of Empowerment

“We are here to grant access in opening the door of empowerment for the poor and vulnerable.”

Humans require basic needs that must be met in the form of clothing, food, and shelter. Without these needs, it is difficult to carry out various activities which support their lives. Analogized as a “door”, bukapangan exists to open access for the poor who need assistance with healthy food, education, health and economic services so they will be able to become empowered, independent, and prosperous through empowering programs.

Our Empowering Programs

bukapangan is fully committed to the empowerment of the poor and vulnerable through our programs in the fields of food, education, economy, and health.

Productive Waqf

Waqf funds which are managed productively so that they are able to produce sustainable surpluses are expected to improve the socio-economic conditions of the poor. Get the jariyah pahala through our productive waqf programs.

Because Sadaqah Reaps Barakah

Even the smallest amounts of help could mean a lot for those in need. Spread joy wherever you are with bukapangan.

Get Closer to Heaven by Paying Zakat

Cleanse your wealth with Zakat. Zakat Pickup and Zakat Consultation services are available to assist ummah in fulfilling their obligations easily with no troubles.

Gain Benefits for Those in Need, Make Waqf According to Aqidah

Waqf contributes to the welfare of ummah as a source of eternal good. Let’s make waqf as an afterlife investment with bukapangan.


For us, the ummah‘s trust is the most important thing. The following are testimonials for our work performances in distributing the amana of donors dan muzakis to beneficiaries.

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